Offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH)

What is Offshore Chinese Yuan?

The renminbi or “people’s currency” (designated as RMB) is the official legal tender in mainland China. This is the formal reference most frequently used by Chinese officialdom to refer to the currency. Although there is no precise translation into English, it is generally analogous to a reference to the terms “money” or “legal tender.”

The Characteristics of Offshore Chinese Yuan

  • The Chinese yuan refers to the standard unit of Renminbi and is analogous to the term “dollar” in English.
  • Offshore Chinese Yuan allow Mainland China and foreign investors to trade Renminbi
  • The rate between USD/CNH and USD/CNY may trade slightly different.

Advantages of Trading Offshore Chinese Yuan

  • Flexible trade size and leverage allow investors to trade the currency of the biggest Asia economy
  • Trade not only USD/CNH but also other 40+ currency pairs on the same platform
  • Provide Chinese language customer support through ACY FX’s Chinese expertises.

Trading Risks

Margin FX trading can be risky. It doesn’t have physical currency exchange. It is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved, including leverage, margin call and close out.  You can find details from our Product Disclosure Statement. You can also click here for detailed risks explanation.